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  1. Steve my name is Jed and my father passed away last year. He was a ham from Crete. We have a lot of ham radio equipment that needs to find new homes. Could you help in any way. Thanks for your attention.

    1. Hi Jed,
      Sorry to hear of your loss.
      The Lincoln ham club is having a convention on June 19th where several people will have tables set up to sell used equipment,
      There will be several there from all across the Midwest if you would like yo bring the equipment. A table only costs $10.00.
      I also have a contact that handles estates from the Lincoln Club that I would suggest you contact.
      Estate Assistance KØRPT Gordon Trout, WØKBS 402/580-5326
      Im sure he could also help with info about the Ham fest..
      Steve AGØL

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